Order Entry (Customer & Supplier)

  • Establish database of client's suppliers and customers.
  • Upon receipt from client of a supplier order, Core Force will enter into system within a 24 hour window.
  • Purchase order will be unique to client's specifications and information they want available via a report or inquiry.
  • Purchase Orders will be emailed both to supplier and client.
  • Purchase Orders are entered into the system and continuously updated (quantities and dates) through their life cycle.
  • System allows for purchase orders to contain multiple items, deliveries and destinations.
  • Email alerts with accompanying PDF report for any orders which do not conform to original entered information.
  • Client will forward a sales order either manually or electronically.  Client will have access to an entered order within 24 hours from receipt.
  • System permits for substantial information to be entered relating to a specific sales order.
  • Orders will be entered as HFC (Hold for Confirmation) until receipt of actual order from customer. HFC orders will be reviewed weekly and email alerts will be sent to customer if past cancel.
  • Quality control reviews all data entry of purchase orders and sales orders for errors and omissions.

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